Retiro de verano Satya | Tara


Volviendo a tu centro

La Francia: 15 a 20 de julio, 2018

Complementamos una práctica diaria de yoga asana con estudios de la filosofía de yoga, la música sagrada, el altruismo, la meditación y la conexión con la naturaleza.

El retiro se dirige en ingles, pero siempre estaremos dispuestos de traducir en español si es necesario. Una base de ingles es importante.

The Retreat includes:

– daily iyengar-inspired yoga classes
– evening meditation and yoga philosophy
– essential oil workshops
– vegetarian food
– luxury yurt accommodation
– one-day juice cleanse
– nature walks and herb study

THE PLACE: La Pierre is nestled in the calm french countryside with surrounding vineyards and olive groves. It is sacred place for those who live there: harmonious and abundant with peace, warmth, space and beautiful wild flowers. Being connected to nature and creating a productive, transformative place for all to enjoy is the motivation that keeps the project moving forward. Passionate about sustainability, conservation, and a truthful, simple existence Ella and Ed have dedicated themselves to this beautiful slice of woodland and welcome visitors with open arms.

Ed is a dedicated plantsman and Permaculturalist. He works to bring a balance to the garden and to develop the energy systems on the land so that one day the off-grid dream for La Pierre Verte can be achieved. Ed will be offering guided walks to visit and sample the native herbs on the land, harvest a select few and then either make a beautiful tisane (herbal tea) blend, and/or, make beautiful french smudge sticks. Herbs on site include, Rosemary, Sage, Helichrysum, Thyme, Echinacea, Juniper, Lavender, Yarrow, Calendula, Basil, Pine, Mint and more…..

Ella is dedicated to holistic healing with trainings in massage, aromatherapy and yoga. She will be on hand to offer massage treatments using the finest essential oils chosen by you for your specific health needs. Ella will be conjuring up culinary delights alongside Dave Regos to keep you well nourished and rejuvenated throughout your stay. All meals are prepared with love and respect for the wonderful seasonal, local, and homegrown organic ingredients.