About Satya | Tara


Born and raised in London, Tara has dedicated the last 20yrs of her life to the study of yoga and meditation.
She completed her yoga teacher training in the Iyengar tradition in Bristol in 2006 and went on to further her practice through travels to India to study and practice under BKS Iyengar and his senior teachers.
She holds a Junior-Intermediate teacher training certificate in the Iyengar tradition.

Since completing these training courses she has spent many years travelling and working with different teachers from all over the world, including a week of initiations with The Dalai Lama.  More recently she has dedicated herself to the study and practice of Transpersonal Psychology as taught by Juan Ruiz of Pneuma System.  Tara continues to dedicate herself to this profound practice of awakening.

In early 2013 Tara began creating the vision of Satya Centro de yoga and finally opened the studio in September of 2013. Satya, meaning truth, is one of the key principles taught on the yogic path: truth in thought, truth in speech, and truth in action. Satya Centro de Yoga offers a space for everyone to embark upon a journey inwards towards self-discovery, wellbeing, and inner peace through the ancient practice of yoga and meditation.

Alongside running Satya, Tara also teaches and shares about pure-grade essential oils. She gives free online classes and runs regular workshops from Satya Centro, and also travels to Barcelona, London, Bristol and France to give talks and workshops on the healing power of essential oils. She is also a keen advocate of Bhakti yoga, and often gives voice workshops and shares kirtan from her home and throughout Spain, helping people to discover the joy of sacred song and music.

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