Summer Camp

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Special offer for 2015

Special incentive offer!

To welcome in the new year and the blessings of 2015 i would like to offer you all the opportunity of sharing this beautiful practice with your friends and family.

Throughout the months of January, February and March i will gladly offer a 50% discount on your monthly yoga pass if you bring a new friend or family member to class and they too buy a monthly pass.

We, as students of yoga, already know that yoga is incredibly transformative, helping us to discover the depths of our Being, access deeps states of inner peace and connect with our true nature. We also know that our spiritual path can deepen and enrich itself when we can share it with our loved ones.

And so in gratitude for passing on this message and sharing the practice with your nearest and dearest i offer you this special discounted rate.

It really is a blessing and a gift to share this knowledge and i hope you take advantage of this special moment to do so!


Peace camp for kids

An unforgettable experience!

Sign your children up to a summer camp with a difference this year.

Throughout the month of July Satya Centro de Yoga will open their doors to small groups of children, offering them the opportunity to connect with mind, body and soul.  A summer camp focused on learning English through creative play and conscious activities.

Each morning your children will immerse themselves in a creative and magical world where the learning activities centre themselves on nourishing and encouraging the values and virtues of peace, community, collaboration, love and compassion.

This camp offers your children the opportunity to connect with their innate creative nature, to develop loving and supportive friendships, to learn about food and the natural world, to be in their bodies and experience freedom of expression whilst also connecting with moments of silence and peace.

Led by 2 natives your children will have the ideal opportunity to develop and advance their knowledge and understanding of the English language in a safe and loving environment.  Yoga classes will form a part of their everyday experience, plus music classes, dance, theatre games, cooking and much more.

Tara Walsh, the owner and director of Satya Centro de Yoga will work in collaboration with English teachers Sian Kennedy and Jaime Bissell both of whom have many years of experience teaching children both here in Spain and in England.

Dates: Monday 30th June – Friday 25th July
Times: 9:30am – 13:30pm

The Divine Feminine

May is the month of the Divine Feminine.

It is not possible for us to do the inner work without the energy of the mother.  It is that which purifies us, that which eliminates the ego in the infernal realms so that we may then liberate the Essence.  She is Mother Nature, the Queen of the Elements and the author of our days.  She manifests herself in various shapes and forms; in the sweetness of Parvati from the Hindu tradition, and in the form of Durga the warrior.  She comes to us as Stella Maris, The Virgin Mary,  Isis of the Egyptians, Athena of the Greeks, Diana, Aphrodite, Tara, and Quan Yin from the Taoist tradition.  She exists in everything.  She shines brightly within our hearts and guides us on the Great Return.  We are her children and she loves us unconditionally.  She is always present.

“I do not know your mantra or your yantra,

Nor how to greet you,

Nor the way to contemplate you, or the words in which to invoke you;

I do not know your mudra,

Nor how to place my heartache at your feet.

The only thing I know, oh Mother,

Is that to follow you is to heal all my sorrows. 


The Art of Living

El Arte de Vivir, una forma de actuar, sentir, pensar y hablar
sin ataduras y limitaciones, sin complejos ni temores,
sin la ilusión en la que hemos estado viviendo provocada por el ego.
V.M. Shevadwh

It’s a great pleasure to welcome Maite Pardo at Satya Centro to offer a series of conferences from the first module in Pneuma System, entitled “The Art of Living”.  This body of work is inspired by the Masters of the Golden Eagle Lineage and transmitted by Juan Ruiz Naupari, offering us a complete map of teachings and techniques for the cultivation of psychological and spiritual knowledge.

Its central objective is to recover the true meaning of life and to offer us the basic tools and practices for our inner work, so that we may begin to apply them to our everyday life.  The Art of Living allows those of us who are on the inner search to recall and make contact with our spiritual dimension.

This module brings a true comprehension and transcendence of our emotions, thought patterns and limiting actions so that we may truly live and express the virtues and values from our consciousness.  With The Art of Living we will enter into contact with our Inner Power, thus allow us to see our defects and to truly know the virtues within which until this point have been unconscious.  From there we begin to cultivate true inner knowledge.

The module unfolds through a series of theoretical conferences, practices of relaxation, concentration and meditation based on techniques from both the East and the West, and sessions of Pneuma Breathwork.  The module is designed to that you may attend the module as a whole or alternatively separate conferences according to your timetable.

We start with a presentation of the themes and basic outline of the teachings on Tuesday 18th March and will then have the first conference the following week.

For more information you can visit the “Workshops and Retreats” page.


Recently a friend of mine was reflecting on friendship and what it meant to him.

“True friendship is about devoted affection and pure love.  Friendship is to not make something that isn’t other, other. It’s effortless and pure and understood.  To honour the purity in the friendship is to honour the truth; it is to honour God.  Let us not abuse the laws of Friendship or grow lazy in them.  Let us remember each of our awakening is dependent on the other’s. Let us use this Kindred Spirit relationship to awaken each other; pointed at God, towards the Absolute, towards the Being, with constant Love.”

It came to me to write something about friendship this month as i have the honour and joy of welcoming some dear friends to offer and share their hearts and minds through music, yoga, workshops and more.  Through the forming and strengthening of these friendships i have been able to learn and grow and receive so much, and I welcome everyone of you to join us in this growing community.  May we all help and contribute to creating a strong and supportive network of people dedicated to serving humanity, dedicated to igniting that divine spark within and letting it shine.

As my friend said so beautifully above, “let us use our Kindred Spirit relationships to awaken each other”.

And so i invite you to join us this month, in friendship, and let us continue this journey towards our awakening, on the path of love, and walking hand in hand towards our Golden future.


2+0+1+4 = 7

From the year 2014 emerges the number 7, and in the world of tarot the corresponding card is that of Victory.

This does not mean victory in the sense of war or conflict, domination over others or “winning”.  The triumph is one to be achieved within, on our own internal battlefield.  This victory is one to be fought for when the mind has become lost and our thoughts begin to control us, when the call from our heart becomes weak, when we begin to speak badly of others entering into gossip or slander, criticism and judgement.

When we observe these behaviours taking over, or any act or thought that does not come from the heart, then is the time to pick up our sword and go valiantly into the battlefield to reclaim the virtues that belong to our heart, to our Being; the virtues of peace, compassion, love, generosity, charity, forgiveness, understanding, and temperance.

In the Bhagavad Gita, before Arjuna goes out into the battlefield of Kurukshetra he speaks to Krishna and expresses his despondency; he does not want to fight against his family and friends. But these family and friends are really his own internal demons that he does not want to destroy. Arjuna is fighting against his own false personality and his identification with it.   The real battle that the Bhagavad Gita speaks of is INTERNAL.  Krishna is the Being of Arjuna, his true self, and in the story he plays the role of Arjuna’s charioteer, metaphorically showing us that his own Being is guiding him and leading him towards victory.

Krishna and Arjuna teach us that there is a golden future that awaits us; a future free from suffering, free from separation, free from ignorance.  But we must fight to achieve it.  And the battle that must be won is to be done so internally.

Therefore let this be the year of our victory, over pain and suffering, over ignorance, over selfishness, greed, hatred and separation.

May we reclaim the virtues of our Being and return home, guided by our hearts and the light of Spirit.



December News

And so, as we move towards the end of November i wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that apart from the workshop with Silvia Matamoros on the 14th of December, the centre will be closed as of Saturday 30th November and will reopen once again in January 2014.

Thank you all for your support and participation in this new adventure, project and vision.  It has been a wonderful first few months, and I very much look forward to offering some exciting new classes in January and many more interesting workshops and opportunities to continue walking this path of yoga, consciousness and awakening together.

Next year will see the introduction of a meditation class, a yoga class for teenagers, more musical events including an opportunity to be bathed blissfully in a gong shower with Vikrimpal Singh ( , kirtan with Kumbhamela, music from North Indian brought to us by Prana, and much more…..

Until then i wish you a peaceful and nourishing winter, and look forward to connecting once again in January.

In deep peace,


Events in November

November looks like its going to be a busy and beautifully nourishing month here at Satya.  The weekly classes continue to grow in strength and numbers and I want to thank you all for contributing to the growing community of yogis.  Let’s keep it up and help spread the word!

This coming month we have some wonderful offerings to share with you including more devotional chanting and music from Kumbhamela on the 15th November, a workshop and ‘charla’ from Silvia Matamoros of Butterfly Capasia, Cosmetica Natural Consiente, who will be offering her expertise and advice on our options for natural skin care products.  Silvia will be here on the 15th of November as well, just before the kirtan, presenting her range of natural skin-care and offering free consultations to anyone who wishes.  This will be followed by a workshop in December…..more of that later.

On the 23rd we have the pleasure and honour of receiving Lama Abhay Tulku Rinpoche here from Tibet.  He will be holding a conference on the Tibet Buddhist teaching of Karma, and following that a ceremony and blessing of Avalokitesvara.  This is not to be missed!  Saturday 23rd November at 5:30pm.

For more information on all of these offerings you can visit the workshops and retreats page.