The salutation to the sun

Sun Salutation

This sequence not only references the sun in our exterior world, but also the light within.  Through asana work we move the body, we sweat, we stretch, we breath, we connect with the bones, muscles and flesh of our body.  We give life to the body, oiling the joints, stretching the muscles and exercising the lungs.  We create heat inside, and this heat helps us to open and awaken the body and all the parts that remain dull and lifeless.

In the same way, with the same intention and the same concentrated efforts we can use this practice to awaken the spirit within, and the soul, which has been dreaming for already too long.  Just as we open the body we must also open our minds and our vision, oiling our connections with the Divine Intelligence just as we oil the joints, and extending not only our muscles but also our capacity to love, opening our arms to those around us and embracing one another in peace.

Therefore when we do this beautiful sequence, we are celebrating not only the sun, but also the light deep within us, that which gives us life, and that which we truly need if we want to really LIVE.

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