Iyengar Yoga Satya | Tara

Iyengar yoga is named after BKS Iyengar who brought his practice teaching style from India to the west in the 1950’s. Iyengar’s method of teaching focuses mainly on a very precise understanding and execution of the yoga asanas. Through specific instructions and careful, mindful attention, students are taught how to form the yoga postures using body and breath control, with specific attention on correct alignment.

Each posture carries abundant potential, working on the muscles, bones, breath, and energetic centres of the body in very special and profound ways. If the postures are manifested correctly, the human body becomes strong and flexible, balanced and energised. Physical ailments and problems can be relieved, emotional and mental problems eased, and levels of stress and tension reduce. Through the cultivation of a mindful practice, students learn how to control the wanderings of the mind and become focused and attentive. They learn meditation in action. The body becomes fit and healthy – an alive and vibrant vehicle for spirit to manifest in the world.

Tara’s teaching echoes much of the Iyengar method, having trained in this practice for over 12 years. She gained her Introductory Iyengar teaching certification in 2006, going on to take the Junior Intermediate level of certification in 2009. Although the foundation of her teaching clearly reflects the Iyengar tradition, she also includes and is hugely influenced by many other spiritual traditions, paying particular homage to Pneuma System and Pneuma Yoga. Her classes aim to illuminate not just the physical practice of the asanas, but the totality of the yoga tradition. From exploring the chakras to the sacred Kundalini energy, from pranayama to the 5 elements, Tara’s aim is to bring her classes deep into the hearts of her students, opening the pathways to understanding and connection, and providing a sincere space of yoga study and practice.